(Energy) Bar Hopping

Anyone else overwhelmed by the vast array of energy/snack bars out there? They are so convenient, but there are SO many options.  Luna Bars, which are specifically geared towards women, are my usual go-tos.

Cooking Light has an interesting article on what the best choice is for you.

Check it out.

New Favorite Drink

Enjoying a Poipu Passion on Kauai.  To make your own, mix Absolut Citron, Blue Curacao, and lemonade.  Fresh pineapple optional, but highly recommended.


Lauren was eagerly anticipating her wedding flowers, and they did NOT disappoint.

Bridal Bouquet

Cocktail Arrangement

Bridesmaid Bouquets (and Liz!)

One of the table centerpieces

Let them Eat (Wedding) Cake!

Lauren will undoubtedly have many, many more photos to share, but while she is enjoying Hawaii, I will post a few previews (like she did for my wedding!).

The wedding cake was not only gorgeous and classic, but completely delicious -- carrot cake (so moist and light) with a sweet cream cheese filling.  One of the best wedding cakes I have ever had!

Otherwise Engaged...

We'll be back soon....
Someone is getting married this weekend, so there is no time for blogging until next week!

Wedding Wednesday: Paper Goods

Back in February, I posted about my front-runner for invitations.  We ended up choosing them and were so happy with the final product that we went back for menus and escort cards.  I probably shouldn't post these but I'm just really excited about them.  Didn't they turn out well?

Hibiscus Flower Cocktails

We came across these Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup in a Virginia gourmet store this weekend.  They make an impressive presentation in a simple glass of champange or prosecco.  You can also check out a more elaborate cocktail list on their website. 
What a great idea for a spring bridal shower or cocktail party.

Make Mine Mini

How cute are the mini, 90-calorie Coca Cola cans that started hitting grocery stores this winter?  They debuted in New York and DC and have finally made their way down to Virginia stores.  All food and drink items are more appealing in a smaller version, if you ask me (sliders, anyone?)!