All Wrapped Up

Our apartment is quickly becoming too small for our us, the puppy, and all of our belongings – wedding gifts included. Despite having cleaned out my closet this weekend and begrudgingly parting with 6 bags of clothes (I know, I know), something has to be done!

I love a well-wrapped gift, and consequently have quite an array of gift wrap and accessories. Since we are not quite at the level of the Spellings, who have an entire room in their mansion dedicated to gift wrap, I needed to find a way to house all of my wrapping supplies efficiently. The Container Store (one of my favorites), carries a great hanging organization system. While surfing the internet last night, I saw that one of my favorite magazines is also featuring the same system online! After making room in my closet this past weekend, I am going to head back out and pick up two – we have too much for just one – immediately. Hopefully this will free up the under-the-bed space that our gift wrap currently occupies for more shoes!

Wedding Wednesday: Always a Bridesmaid

Part of my new job involves researching the wedding industry. I am currently trying to find up and coming vendors/talent in the Miami/South Florida area, which involves perusing some very interesting catalogues aimed at the Quince market. However, the best thing I have found (unfortunately not South Florida related) is the site Always a Bridesmaid. I'm sure many of you are already familiar with this site, but if not you should definitely check it out. Even if you are not engaged, the stories that these two wedding planners have about the ups and downs of the business can be hilarious. -LG

We Heart Tailgates

We are officially in the midst of college football tailgating season. While UVA has been plagued with two noon home games already this season, which are not the most optimal for tailgating, we are coming up on a night game (yay) this weekend! Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t especially care for sports, but I DO love tailgating. Plus, it is the form of entertaining that even boys can get excited about!
More to come on this soon, but for now, one of my favorite tailgating hors d’oeuvres courtesy of my parents’ best friends from high school:

Buffalo Chicken Dip
4 boneless chicken breasts, boiled & shredded
12 ounces Franks Red Hot Sauce
Mix in a 13x9" baking dish.

2- 8 ounce packages cream cheese (the regular version melts better than the reduced fat)
16 ounces ranch dressing
1 cup chopped celery
Mix and heat in saucepan till smooth.
Pour over chicken mixture.
Top with 1 block Monterey Jack cheese, shredded

Bake 375°F for 45 minutes.
Let sit 10-15 minutes before serving.
Serve with tortilla chips, celery or carrot sticks.

*I usually bake this before leaving home in a Pyrex dish and then transport in an insulated case. It can also be reheated on the tailgate grill if needed!

No one ever said tailgating was good for your waistline!
Goo Hoos!

New York, New York

Well, I am sort of settled in by now, and have discovered that I need to learn a completely different way to live. Grocery shopping is very interesting here- Cheerios cost $6 for a large box! I have learned the joys of under the bed storage. Purell is my new favorite thing. In fact, my boyfriend suggested that I keep a little bottle in every handbag so "we" will always be covered. I made an entire taco dinner in a kitchen that is 3' x 4'. It was interesting. No one drinks foundtain sodas here- if they drink soda at all it is from a can. THAT is actually a really hard adjustment. It costs $2.50 to do one load of laundry in my building. It's hard to survive without cash. They have excellent hotdogs at Shea Stadium. And that is about it...I will have a real post soon!

Wedding Wednesday: Blue and Brown Vineyard Wedding

After a rainy day last Friday, the skies cleared in Charlottesville the wedding day was fabulous - a clear, crisp, sunny day. After some bridesmaid yoga at The Barn, we headed out to the vineyard to get ready for the gorgeous wedding. The blue and brown theme was fabulous, and every detail was thought of! Below are a few shots, with more to follow later this week.


Adjusting the sashes on our Simple Silhouettes dresses.

Ceremony Set Up overlooking the Vineyard and mountains
Bluegrass Band playing at Cocktail Hour on the Winery Deck

Bridal Expo

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note- I am now working at an event production company in New York, and we are planning a luxury bridal event in Los Angeles at The Four Seasons. If you know anyone who is engaged in that area, I would love to talk to them about attending the event- readers of The Plan and their friends will get a great discount on tickets. There will be high end vendors (who have worked with Demi Moore, Christina Aguilera, etc.), the unveiling of the most recent Badgley Mischka bridesmaids line, food, champagne and...a fantastic gift bag. If you (or any of your friends) are interested, please email Thanks everyone! -LG

Bridal Luncheon

We had a wonderful wedding weekend in Charlottesville, and I thought I would give you all a few glimpses into the festivities.

Friday afternoon, the bride’s aunt hosted a lovely bridal luncheon at The Inn at Court Square. Located in downtown Charlottesville, this quaint inn is filled with eclectic d├ęcor and cute sleeping rooms. The three course luncheon could not have been more fabulous. We were served: freshly made tomato basil bisque (the aroma of the freshly picked basil filled the Inn), chipotle lime chicken salad served over greens with fresh tomatoes and a drizzle of raspberry reduction, and a still-warm apple tart with fresh whipped cream and mint oil. Add a glass of white wine or two to this, and we were stuffed!
After lunch, the hostess and the bride both gave short speeches, and the bride presented the group with gifts. These for the 7 bridesmaids (monogrammed in chocolate brown, with some other Origins goodies in the box), these for the program attendants, and Simon Pearce goodies for the hostess.
Below are a few pictures from the Inn.

Quick Tip of the Day

Wipe down your entire bathroom with paper towels doused in rubbing alcohol for a quick, cheap way to disinfect without doing an entire cleaning. - LG

Wedding Wednesday: We're Back!

So, one of my least favorite things to listen to is people complaining that they are REALLY busy (ranking right up there with really broke, really tired, and really stressed). I mean, aren’t we all REALLY busy – to some degree.

That said, I won’t make many excuses for not jumping right back into blogging this week. Lauren is still working out her internet situation in NYC (she's only been there 4 days, so we are going to give her a break), and I am preparing to head to Charlottesville tomorrow for a fun filled wedding weekend with our friends Emily and Jeff. We have a full schedule for the weekend, including hitting some favorite college haunts like Mellow Mushroom and Little John’s (how long has it been since my last Wild Turkey sandwich), a bridesmaids luncheon at Inn at Court Square, wedding morning yoga for the girls, an outdoor ceremony at Veritas Vineyard and Winery, and a Bodo’s Bagel brunch on Sunday.
Next week promises to provide many fabulous wedding event pictures and recaps!