New York, New York

Well, I am sort of settled in by now, and have discovered that I need to learn a completely different way to live. Grocery shopping is very interesting here- Cheerios cost $6 for a large box! I have learned the joys of under the bed storage. Purell is my new favorite thing. In fact, my boyfriend suggested that I keep a little bottle in every handbag so "we" will always be covered. I made an entire taco dinner in a kitchen that is 3' x 4'. It was interesting. No one drinks foundtain sodas here- if they drink soda at all it is from a can. THAT is actually a really hard adjustment. It costs $2.50 to do one load of laundry in my building. It's hard to survive without cash. They have excellent hotdogs at Shea Stadium. And that is about it...I will have a real post soon!


Anonymous said...

LG - sounds like things are off to a good start. I miss you already, even though you're closer! I'll be up to visit soon! Love you! - MAGE

Nacho said...

No fountain co-colas with crushed ice? Next time you are home, I know where we can go for a ride!

Meg said...

Lack of fountain soda is serious business.

How is Nacho faring in the big city?