All Wrapped Up

Our apartment is quickly becoming too small for our us, the puppy, and all of our belongings – wedding gifts included. Despite having cleaned out my closet this weekend and begrudgingly parting with 6 bags of clothes (I know, I know), something has to be done!

I love a well-wrapped gift, and consequently have quite an array of gift wrap and accessories. Since we are not quite at the level of the Spellings, who have an entire room in their mansion dedicated to gift wrap, I needed to find a way to house all of my wrapping supplies efficiently. The Container Store (one of my favorites), carries a great hanging organization system. While surfing the internet last night, I saw that one of my favorite magazines is also featuring the same system online! After making room in my closet this past weekend, I am going to head back out and pick up two – we have too much for just one – immediately. Hopefully this will free up the under-the-bed space that our gift wrap currently occupies for more shoes!

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