We Heart Carbs

We still have two more days before New Year's Resolutions (read: diets) start, so in that time, I would suggest trying these rolls from Paula Dean. I discovered them on Perry's Plate, one of my favorite food blogs, and whipped up a batch on Christmas Day. Although mine were not the prettiest, they sure did taste good!

The Art of the Thank You Note

With the holidays passing by, my list of thank you notes to be written is methodically being attended to. I am a big believer in the handwritten thank you note, even if it is preceded by an email or phone thank you.

Someone sent me this article from the Wall Street Journal today, which is worth a read. I appreciate Parker's sentiment: "The thought behind the thank-you should be equal or greater than the thought that went into the gift."

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a wonderful end to 2009.

Farrell and Lauren (both in New York!)

Christmas Classics

I am sitting here thinking about which modern Christmas movies might become classics over the years. While I love Love Actually, I think it may be a bit risque...

My front runner is The Family Stone. What do you think? While you contemplate this, please be amused by this picture of our city tree. And yes, that is a La-Z-Boy chair. Apparently it is a deal breaker : )

Sorbet Prosecco Cocktail

We've been on a brief hiatus!

With some well-deserved time-off approaching, we'd like to share an easy, festive cocktail that is sure to please at any holiday gathering.

Sorbet Prosecco Cocktail
Prosecco or Champagne of your choice
Sorbet of your choice (mango is featured here)
melon-baller or cookie dough scoop
champagne flutes

Scoop generous balls of sorbet into the bottom of the flutes. Top with chilled champagne and serve.
How pretty (and easy) are these?!

Ancient Etiquette

While reading Madness Under the Royal Palms by Laurence Leamer (very good, by the way) I came across a reference to the practice of crossing out one's name on stationery. I had a vague recollection of this but couldn't put my finger on the reason for it. After a bit of research I found that it is an old custom demonstrating to close friends and family that you, and not your social secretary, wrote the note. While a lady may be "Mrs. Charles Smith" on her stationery, she may also be "Aunt Poodie" to her niece, in which case she would strike a line through her formal name and sign Love, Aunt Poodie.

So my question is this: When does tradition become silly? (Or in this case pretentious, unless you do have an actual social secretary, in which case Congratulations!) And at this point if you are striking your name are you staying true to your upbringing or blindly following said tradition?

Furniture Dreaming

Wendy Gee, my favorite store in Larchmont, NY, introduced me to Maine Cottage furniture and I've been obsessing over the website since I found out we might move again. The neat thing about Maine Cottage is that 90% of the product is made in the US. Everything is designed to mix and match, and they have a wonderful selection of blues and greens in particular. If you like a beachy/coastal decorating style then you will like their furniture and accessories. And the best part may be that there is a flat rate "white glove" delivery service which includes assembly and removal of all packing materials. Sign me up!