Summery, Icey Goodness

I am really in the mood for summer to get here (and rainy weather to cease). In the spirit of hopefulness, this morning I am enjoying one of my favorite summer treats -iced coffee. This morning, mine is homemade (french vanilla coffee with light milk and a little Splenda poured over lots of iced in a tall mojito-style glass with my requisite straw), but if I am purchasing it at a coffeehouse, Dunkin Donuts is my preferred brand.

What treats remind you of summer?

Make Ahead Meals

In looking for ideas for a freezeable dinner to take to friends who recently had a baby, I came across these ideas from Martha. Whether you are looking for make-ahead meals for weeknight convenience or leftovers that will freeze well, there are some yummy ideas.

Kicking off the Grilling Season

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and start of the backyard barbeque season!

For those of you who aren't hitting the road today to head to your nearest beach, what are you throwing on the grill? All American hamburgers and hot dogs?

a chicken

boneless leg of lamb

flank steak

Any great grilling ideas out there?

"The Economy is sinking and so will your business" or "How to offend potential clients":

A real life email interaction with a Richmond area florist (with some obvious deletions and name changes for privacy):

Me: Hi Florist! I am getting married next year at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond. I have seen some of your work on blogs, and when my parent's next door neighbors recommended your work at their wedding I though I should contact you! I was wondering what the process is for learning more about your work. Thanks so much for your time!

Florist: Hi LG! Thanks for contacting me and congrats on your engagement and please tell me who your parents next door neighbors are....[goes on like this for a bit]. Are you in Richmond or do we need to do a phone consultation...also...could you let me know what your floral budget is....thanks LG and be sure to check out my blog [insert blog here].

Me: Hi Florist! [Name of next door neighbors, number of bridesmaids, other info.] Anyway, do you think you would be able to work within a $9 to $10 budget? [obviously made up numbers]

Florist: Hi LG. My minimum budget is $13. I know I wouldn't be able to design beautiful florals for you for $10. Do you want me to suggest other floral vendors for you that may be able to work with your budget?

Me: Hi Florist, I have actually talked to a few other florists who work in the $10 range [blah blah blah] Thank you-

Florist: You are very welcome...good luck with everything and please check out my blog for lots of inspiration!

Ummmmm, okay. Maybe my "discount" florist can use your ideas. And maybe you could have told me you don't get out of bed for $13 a day up front. Who are you, Linda Evangelista?

Creative Storage in Manhattan

Need plates for a dinner party? Check in the stationery/linen closet:
Tea or coffee for twelve? Look toward the ceiling, on top of the cabinets:
Finally, plates and glasses on an actual cabinet shelf!


Has anyone seen what they are charging for J. Crew wedding dresses these days? Regardless of how fine the material is, $3,000 is a bit much for what is still "off the rack." Right? Any thoughts?

Loving this for Summer...

Its production is limited, so pick some up as soon as you see it in the store!


Anyone else having problems with pictures on blogger?