Kitchen Ooppps

In checking out Cooking Light's 25 Most Common Cooking Mistakes, I am learning I am not alone in some of my culinary blunders. 
I tend to have the most issues with #1, #10, #18, and #21, while my husband is a constant offender of # 12.
Anything on here that you all have problems with?

Wedding Wednesday (Thursday): Jewelry

I never paid much attention to Kate Spade jewelry, but it this year they have a lot of options that may be good for bridesmaid gifts or even for a bride.  The flower pieces pictured above could be a bold statement for bridesmaids at a spring wedding.  The starfish studs would be perfect for a seaside wedding.  Today I picked out the earrings I will probably wear on the big day.  No pictures online yet, but they are very pretty pearls that drop down on an inch long gold chain (I think they match the above necklace).  Pictures will follow in April : ) 

Winter Pasta

Check out this healthy(ish) pasta dish from Food Network Magazine.  I love the texture the breadcrumbs add and the uniqueness of a pasta entree without tomato or cream sauce.  Depending on what you have on hand, you could definitely sub in baby spinach or even basil for the escarole. 

The picture on their website is probably a little more appetizing than mine, but it tasted great, all the same!

Olympic Etiquette

The Winter Olympics are upon us, eh?  Even if you aren't headed up to Canada to parktake in the festivities, Rick Reilly's article on the do's and don'ts of Vancouver is worth a read!

Groom's Attire

It's not Wedding Wednesday, but I thought I would share our latest wedding dilemma anyway: groom's attire. 
Pink shirt +

Navy blazer +

Gray trousers?  Or

Cream trousers

April in Virginia.  Please feel free to share your thoughts.

(Pictures 1-3 from J. Press.  Picture 4 from Paul Stuart)

Indecisive Cooking?

Can't decide what you feel like eating tonight?  Cooking for a family of picky eaters who can't agree on the same meal?

Try this trio lasagna pan from Spoon Sisters.  Allowing you to make up to three different types of layered Italian goodness at once, this pan takes the commitment out of lasagna.  Perfect for those who can't pinpoint just what they want to eat tonight.....not that we know anything about that!


I had a nice time last night thumbing through Lee Bailey's Country Desserts.  If you like to bake you may already have a version of many of these recipes.  However, the pictures are quite pretty and make the book suitable for both the coffee table and the kitchen.  I look forward to seeing more of Lee Bailey's books after reading his obituary in the New York Times.

Super Bowl Favorites

You may remember that while the actual football part of the Super Bowl is not our favorite, we do love the commercials and, of course, the food.
This past month, Food Network Magazine had a great feature on different types of potato skins created for each of the NFL teams.  After much consideration, I really cannot decide which might be my favorite!
If the Snowpocolypse that is predicted for Virginia this weekend veers off course and we are not snowed-in, I am planning to make the old-standby Buffalo Chicken Dip to take to a Superbowl Party.  Anyone planning to make anything fun or creative for Sunday evening?