Daisy Tervis

I adore Tervis Tumblers and when I saw these in my high school's alumni magazine I felt tempted to add to my collection. Then I realized they may appeal to some of our readers. There are all sorts of designs so even if the daisy doesn't do it for you, check out their website. If you are not already familiar with the awesomeness of the Tervis Tumbler, I am not sure how to explain. It just is. Trust me.

Wedding Wednesday: Days of Mourning

We recently received an email from a reader who is upset over her dear friend's planned September 11 wedding. As a native New Yorker, our reader is shocked that someone would celebrate on a day associated with such devastation and loss for our country. I really had to agree with her, and also found myself wondering why anyone would want September 11 as their wedding anniversary. Then I spoke to a friend who asked me if I would hold my wedding on December 7, the anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. This stumped me. I finally concluded that it could be acceptable if no one from that generation would be attending.

What do you all think about holding weddings on what are essentially national days of mourning?

Wedding Wednesday: Fall in Love

Although I tend to be more of a spring wedding type of person, I did always have fond memories of a fall wedding I spotted in Martha Stewart Weddings a few years ago (I think). I have searched the Martha Stewart website in vain for pictures of said wedding, so imagine my surprise when I spotted a very familiar cake on Southern Weddings today. I clicked through the links and found my memorable fall wedding.

Color Help

I think we are all ready for a break from the frugal themed posts. Any thoughts on red and brown as a color scheme? I have posted this picture as a color visual, but would do something much more traditional. Something about the color combo seems a little...Ikea? (Not that I don't love Ikea. I am just trying to move towards a different look.)

Recessionista: Wedding Wednesday

Maybe I am wrong but it seems to me that there has been a lot more talk of small and/or low key weddings recently. When I briefly worked in the wedding industry there was always talk of it being recession proof. Now I am not so sure. There seem to be a lot of cute wedding blogs these days that focus on the small DIY type wedding. Below are some of my favorites:

The Little White Book

Snippet & Ink

A $10,000 Wedding

A Practical Wedding

The amazing wedding album from This Young House