Wedding Wednesday: Days of Mourning

We recently received an email from a reader who is upset over her dear friend's planned September 11 wedding. As a native New Yorker, our reader is shocked that someone would celebrate on a day associated with such devastation and loss for our country. I really had to agree with her, and also found myself wondering why anyone would want September 11 as their wedding anniversary. Then I spoke to a friend who asked me if I would hold my wedding on December 7, the anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. This stumped me. I finally concluded that it could be acceptable if no one from that generation would be attending.

What do you all think about holding weddings on what are essentially national days of mourning?


annabelle said...

I think your reasoning about days of mourning far enough in the past that they don't directly hurt the feelings of family members/friends makes good sense.

I just learned that getting married on Sunday once was perfectly normal too--I had always thought that one was not supposed to marry on the Lord's day. Apparently it used to be like baptism, just part of the Sunday service. Then Martha Stewart came along : )

MMM said...

I think they could have picked on of the other 364 days in the year. I certainly would not want Sept 11th to be my anniversary. But, I agree with you on the generation thing. I probably would have been married on December 7th and not really thought that much about it.

Anonymous said...

There are SO many days other than Sept 11th. It's just to... soon.