Isle Do

Cute invitation that arrived this summer:

Cheap and Chic

Does anyone else out there read Domino Magazine? I have recently become a big fan of this magazine. The decor ideas are classic but still young and fresh. They are also somewhat budget friendly. I was recently excited to see that the August issue features a home from Richmond, my hometown.

The August issue also has a great article about my current obsession: streamlining the wardrobe. With a Manhattan closet measuring in at 42 inches (yep, that is 3.5 feet) and exactly 2.5 drawers, I can use all the help I can get. Click here to learn more about paring down. Happy cleaning!

Sleeping Over?

A lot of times, entertaining means not only hosting guests for a meal or a party, but hosting them in your home overnight or for a weekend. In these instances, making them feel comfortable and relaxed is of key importance.

What items do you put in your guest room and/or guest bath to make visitors to your home feel welcomed and thought-of? Or what items do you love seeing in others' guest rooms when you visit?

Sangria Blanco

I’ve recently served this sangria at a few summer events. It has gotten great reviews, so I thought I would share.

Sangria Blanco (adapted from the Food Network)
4 bottles Sauvignon Blanc

1 cup orange flavored liqueur (Triple Sec or Cointreau)

1/2 cup sugar

1 bunch seedless white grapes

3 lemons, sliced with rind

3 white peaches, pitted and sliced with skin

1 honeydew melon, in small cubes

1 liter club soda
Combine liquor, sugar and fruit together in a large pitcher or punch bowl. Let flavors blend for several hours. Add the club or seltzer water and serve over plenty of ice.

Wedding Wednesday

Gorgeous flowers, all from a June wedding in Connecticut:

It's Back...

The internet, that is. Farrell and I have taken an unplanned summer vacation but I think blog activity may start to pick up now. Check back in a few days!