Do You Birchbox?

Have you heard about Birchbox?  We have.  From one of our readers, actually.  What a great gift (to yourself or someone else on your list).

Launched by two HBS grads, Birchbox brings upscale beauty samples to your doorstep for only $10/month.

This month's delivery brought Befine Night Cream, Jouer Lip Enhancer, Jurlique Hand Santizer, and Ferragamo perfume.  The super-cute packaging is also a plus!


How gorgeous is the new copper collection from Simon Pearce?  It stopped me in my tracks when I was casually flipping through the latest catalogue.

No thank you

One of my friends has the inside scoop on all the big estate sales in the area.  Last week I made plans to meet her at 10am in Scarsdale, NY.  When I pulled up it looked like this:

The turnout seemed impressive for a Friday morning.  Hopes were high.  When we walked in there were some nice linens and pieces of silver.  We got the giggles when we came across four cans of PBR, still in the six pack casing, labeled $2.  However, things took a depressing turn when we went into the kitchen and one of the organizers was labeling food in the pantry.  And we fled when she tried to sell a jar of peanut butter to my friend, with the inside info "it's creamy."  In 50 years you can bet I will tell my children that they are NEVER to sell my foodstuffs when I leave my home.  (Talk about dark humor, right?)

Hopefully we will have better luck this week in Greenwich.

Dog Alert

Farrell and I are what I would call practical dog lovers.  We aren't terribly indulgent- dogs need structure- and we don't lose sight of the fact that dogs are not human.  Which isn't to say our dogs past and present don't have pretty cushy lives- they do and we love and appreciate them very much.  After working in the thoroughbred industry in Kentucky I also think I'm realistic about the overbreeding situation (of dogs, cats, and horses) in this country.  However, I was extremely shocked by some information I found on the website of L.A.B Rescue and Adoption Network.  According to their page entitled About Our Organization, approximately 30-40% of the animals put down in Texas pounds are purebred.  Isn't that crazy?  Can you imagine paying $900+ for a dog only to realize that maybe you don't have enough time for it?  Clearly there are some very uninformed people out there, and I have to say I partially blame the breeders.  I recently called a reputable breeder about a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is a rather high maintenance dog, and I was shocked by what she didn't want to discuss before launching into her sales pitch.  In addition, this throw away attitude is creating a false market for more purebred dogs and more breeding.  But I'm getting off track.  This information about Texas (and its dog gas chambers) really got to me.  If you live in Texas or Connecticut, please consider working with this organization through fostering, adoption, or donation of goods and services.