Bridal Luncheon

We had a wonderful wedding weekend in Charlottesville, and I thought I would give you all a few glimpses into the festivities.

Friday afternoon, the bride’s aunt hosted a lovely bridal luncheon at The Inn at Court Square. Located in downtown Charlottesville, this quaint inn is filled with eclectic d├ęcor and cute sleeping rooms. The three course luncheon could not have been more fabulous. We were served: freshly made tomato basil bisque (the aroma of the freshly picked basil filled the Inn), chipotle lime chicken salad served over greens with fresh tomatoes and a drizzle of raspberry reduction, and a still-warm apple tart with fresh whipped cream and mint oil. Add a glass of white wine or two to this, and we were stuffed!
After lunch, the hostess and the bride both gave short speeches, and the bride presented the group with gifts. These for the 7 bridesmaids (monogrammed in chocolate brown, with some other Origins goodies in the box), these for the program attendants, and Simon Pearce goodies for the hostess.
Below are a few pictures from the Inn.


Farrell & Lauren said...

I love bridesmaids' luncheons! Since my bridesmaids were all travelling into town for the actual wedding, I did something for them while they were all in town a few months prior for my shower. We had a fabulous champagne brunch at the historic Willard Hotel in DC.
Anyone else do anything fun?

Anonymous said...

A Champagne Brunch at the Willard Hotel sounds wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, the brunch at the Willard Hotel was amaaaazing! -LG

curtis03 Lewis said...

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