Blue & White...on a plate?

I love decorating in blue and white. Some say it is boring, but it always looks clean, and it never goes out of style. (As a side note, I really hate those decorating articles that suggest changing the look of your room by reupholstering your furniture. Please- that is not an "inexpensive" design solution.)

In particular, I am very fond of blue and white tableware, and have an embarassing collection of British themed pieces such as this:

So I was very sad when a friend informed me that food does not present well on blue china, and that it should never be used in a formal setting. I wonder if anyone else has ever heard this rule. Is broccoli really going to look less appetizing on a blue plate? The pattern in question is below. It is a little bit modern, but...wouldn't it be pretty during spring? (In case you are wondering, this is Haviland's Laque de Chine pattern in Azure and Platinum. It can be purchased here.) - LG

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suburban prep said...

What a beautiful china pattern. I registered at Michael Fina when I was getting married. They were very helpful.

You have a great start to your blog.