Wedding Wednesday and Earth Day Special

Today I read about a company called The Special E that answers the question of how to dispose of leftovers from parties in way that can help both the needy and the earth. The program is really amazing, and I encourage all of you to check out the website (click on the logo to be directed to the site). Their services are available in 30 metro areas. They will take uneaten food, leftovers, candles, flowers, and the list goes on and on.


annabelle said...

What a fabulous idea! I wonder if all the poor starving catering staff will be bummed, or maybe they get first dibs and then pass it on to the shelter: )

Anonymous said...

my sister in-law is getting married in the fall and they have been looking for an organization to take leftover food and flowers from the reception. it's too bad this group is only in major cities! Any ideas for those with events in smaller cities?