Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Bootcamp

Tonight I went to a bridal bootcamp event and pretended to be engaged (don't ask.) Some things I learned:

1. If you have a very round face, don't wear a scoop neck dress.
2. If you don't usually wear a lot of makeup, fake eyelashes can give you some ooph and still allow you to look like yourself on your wedding day.
3. Michael C. Fina suggests you order your wedding bands three months in advance.
4. If a DJ company tells you they will give you a deal so you can have a DJ and an MC, you will probably end up with a professional DJ/MC and a kid from the record store.
5. Red lips and cat eyes are very trendy for makeup right now.


Farrell & Lauren said...

You know how I love fake eyelashes!!!

Nachokat said...

Bridal bootcamp is sort of a scary concept.