Wonderful Decor Idea

One of my clients introduced me to this fabulous décor company, Wonderful Graffiti.

They produce all types of design typography. Everything from cute sayings to monograms (so cute) that are printed on a very thin, matte adhesive vinyl. Once placed on your wall (or wherever) they look as though they were professionally painted on. The ones that I saw in person were great – monograms in bedrooms and some of the Wonderful! Designs in the kitchen and children’s playroom.

Wonderful Graffiti gets great reviews and is definitely worth checking out!


Anonymous said...

Those are very you, f. :)

Anonymous said...

The weird starburst things aren't actually part of the picture, they just came over when I borrowed it from their site!

Anonymous said...

These are great; thanks for some Christmas ideas!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I've been wanting to do this for sometime but can't decide... they have such cute ideas!

kristy said...

I love their designs, can't wait to get one for our place. Maybe our new monogram?