Not so Wedding Wednesday

Happy Howl-o-ween!

In the spirit of this fun holiday, and to celebrate the long-awaited cool Fall weather, we thought we would post a few pictures of our favorite pups getting in the spirit of things. We usually reserve the Nacho and Lucy pictures for the "other" blog, but it's a special occassion!

Nacho sporting a stylish, classic orange coat. He is ready for Halloween or to help UVA celebrate a big victory over Wake Forest this weekend.

Lucy (unhappily) modeling her lobster Halloween costume. I think she will just stick to festive collars from now on, but we couldn't resist trying this on her!


Anonymous said...

The "kids" look very festive. Hope they get lots of treats tonight while trick or treating!!!!

Jen said...

Nacho is so fashionable.

Nacho said...

Lucy's outfit is so cute but she doesn't look happy. i wanted to dress up like a "Mainely Mooster" (cross between a moose and lobster) but Lauren's parents couldn't find a shirt that would fit me when they were in Maine. *ruff*