Pretty Girls, Pretty Dresses

On Monday I represented my company at a Lela Rose couture gown showing. This was not nearly as exciting and glamorous as expected. Although I arrived right on time for my 5:00pm appointment, knowing that everything in Manhattan runs a little late, I found that they were already packing the dresses at 5:01! I don't know what happened, but I do know this: I loved the Thread Design bridesmaids dresses. I think the company is pretty well known for using traditional, preppy fabrics (seersucker) in more fashion forward shapes. I do love those designs, but I was excited to find that they have some other options that definitely pass the "would the girls wear this again" test. On the down side, one hopes they would wear them again, considering the price ($450?). Anyway, if you have bridesmaids with big budgets, consider Thread Design. My favorite option is to the left. - LG


Anonymous said...

I can tell you from having been in way too many weddings that $450 is WAY too much to ask your poor bridesmaids to spend on a dress that they most list likely won't wear again, even if it is a nice dress. Unless, of course, like you said, you have rich brides maids!

Anonymous said...

Thread dresses are beautiful, and I definitely considered them for my bridesmaids, except they just did not come in the color I was looking for.