Reader Request: Baby Shower Games

A reader is hosting a baby shower in June for a multi-generational crowd (read: both twentysomethings and their mothers). She is looking for suggestions for some games and activities that are fun and not the usual, run of the mill “yarn around the belly” type of game.
Any ideas?


Lisa said...

I like this one: When each guest arrives, give her a clothes pin to attach to her clothes. Be sure to use clothes pins that are smooth and won’t snag.
When the shower start tell the guests that they aren’t allowed to say the word “Baby.”
If a guest is caught saying “Baby,” she has to forfeit her clothes pin to the person who caught her. That person then attaches the clothes pin to her clothing.
When guests have no clothes pin left, they are out. The person who collects the most clothes pins at the end is the winner.

Elizabeth said...

BABY TRAITS: First you need a big picture of a cartoon baby. the game planner choses attributes of the baby --- hair, nose, mouth, sense of style etc. and cuts out objects representing both parents. for example, if the mom is blond and the dad is brunette then there are two hair pieces for the baby. guests have to decide "mother" or "father" each attribute and the baby is dressed accordingly. make sure not to show the audience the cut outs ahead of time. the participant with the most votes with the majority wins. i'll send a picture to farrell/lauren a picture of the final product. it can be really funny and personal to the parents.

annabelle said...

Call me the Baby Shower Grinch, but I say just say no to games at baby showers! At the new mother's request, I jointly hosted a co-ed, game free baby shower last fall. Family, friends, great food, various kids running around. It was really low-key and fun.

magnoliabelle said...

Best activity that we've ever had at a baby shower was paint-a-onesie. The hosts buy a onesie (get several different sizes as the baby grows) for each guest to paint. It stocks the mom up with much needed onesies and it's a non-awkward way to get your guests interactive. It's amazing to see how creative people can get.

Supplies needed: onesies, non-toxic fabric paint, pieces of cardboard (to put in between the onesies so the paint doesn't bleed through as you paint), and baby size hangers (to hang the onesie as it dries)