I moved!

Again, I know. Fourth move in 18 months. But this apartment is "the one!" I plan to actually post pictures as it progresses. For now, let's say that I found a floor sample of this on sale. It is not exaggerating to say that I threw my body across it in the Crate and Barrel on 60th and Madison and yelled "I claim it." Wrong kind of sample sale, I guess, but I was determined!


Anonymous said...

If you're throwing yourself on furniture, it would be interesting to see what you would do at some of Manhattan's wedding dress sales. :)

Summer and Adam said...

hey there. i am so jealous. i wanted this exact one but it was just way too overpriced for me and i never thought to look for a floor sample. i instead got a cheapy version. can't wait to see yours in action. lol.