Wedding Wednesday: The One

I am starting to think that this whole thing about "the one" is a myth...the one dress, that is! Did any of you really struggle with this? I have found two dresses that I love, but they are so very different. One is sophisticated and formal. The other is pretty and classic. Which am I?!? Which do I aspire to be?!? Do I actually need two wedding receptions? (That's a joke, no one worry.)

Sorry, I know this is a bit off topic, but I am interested to hear how others decided on a dress.


Brittany Giddings said...

I also found 2 dresses that i loved that were very different. they were almost the same price, so i couldn't use that as the deciding factor. one was more my style (romantic, classic)and in my heart, i could see my wedding pictures w/ that dress on. the other dress was more modern and sister said-in 20 years from now, which dress do you want to see in your pictures and which dress won't go "out of style"? i still think that i would have been happy w/ either dress.

Susan D. said...

I chose the one that actually made me nervous! Sounds crazy, but I actually broke out in hives of sorts. I tried on many others, but kept going back to that one!

sarah d. said...

I wore my mom's dress (and veil) from the 70s, but couldn't see myself partying in it at the reception. So, I changed into a different gown (from J. Crew) for the party (I also ditched the veil for a flower pin). I feel like I got to dress for both sides of me.