Wedding Wednesday: Lunch Hour Edition

Hi everyone! I know we have been away forever. My mom suggested that I give compliments to some of the great vendors I have found already (mostly all in Richmond), so here goes:

You already know my thoughts about Coren Moore.

So far the staff at The Jefferson Hotel has been very nice, and I feel like there is nothing to worry about.

Ditto for Blooms at the Jefferson, which will probably handle my flowers.

I will be visiting Wendell Powell Studio in the next few weeks and I bet we will use them too. Again, very nice on the phone.

I have worked with Paper on the Avenue once before and Megan is great- sweet and helpful without being pushy.

I have been very impressed by the follow through from Andy at Sam Hill Entertainment. He is sending dvds for six different bands and I cannot wait to watch- this is such a fun part of the planning.

As you can see, a lot of stuff is wrapped up already and we are a full year out! I don't know if I am an "older" bride or what, but I haven't found this process too difficult so far. I think the key is to limit the number of vendors you consider, and then just pick the one that is the nicest. For example, we are considering two different entertainment companies. However, Andy was just so nice right off the bat, and since the options are all basically the same, why not go with the easy/nice vendor?

I do have to admit though that I am having some second and third thoughts about color. The non-negotiable is that navy blue bridesmaid dresses and yellow flowers will be incorporated in some way. However, I am concerned that a strict navy and yellow theme is going to be a bit too nautical and/or unsophisticated. So what I am thinking today (my mom is going to kill me : ) is that it would be nice to throw a good dose of green in there with the yellow and keep the colors soft and Virginia springtime rather than "themed". I guess I was really inspired by the centerpiece Farrell posted last time! I am open to any thoughts!


farrell said...

Loved Andy at Sam Hill! We used him, too.

Lindsey said...

i love the idea of incorporating green. hope you're doing me!

Emily said...

We also worked with Andy for our bluegrass band for the cocktail hour and he was fantastic!