Wedding Wednesday: Coren Moore II

I have written about Coren Moore before, but I am really excited to be working with them now. First of all, I truly think they have the best navy dresses out there. Navy is a surprisingly tricky color because it can look much flatter than other colors in silk shantung. The Coren Moore navy has the perfect amount of depth. In addition, their new bridal collection is absolutely worth checking out. The dresses are made in great quality fabrics and are formal than the typical bridal alternative dresses made by most bridesmaid designers. You can feel good about buying an American made product from a female, they send a nice handwritten thank you note after your first visit, which is a lovely touch.


f said...

These navy dresses are going to be SO "you," LG. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Customer service and personal touches really make all the difference when buying your wedding dress. I looked at quite a few salons in the DC area, and bought my dress at the one that was the most comfortable for me and where the staff was the least pretentious. And, they definitely sent a handwritten thank you note on a cute card, which is always a plus in my book!