Everything Old is New Again

This week New York explores "the new old" trend in interior design, and all the ways it can manifest itself.  While I am fascinated by the NeoVictorians, the article on NeoEnglish is probably more in keeping with my decorating goals.  Some of you may recognize Rita Konig, former editor at Domino.  I love her comments, especially this one about how she approaches her own apartments:

I have always liked decorating my small apartments as though they are just a few of the rooms in a much larger house, so you have the feeling that you could, should you want to, wander off to the drawing room, library, dining room, but for the moment are just choosing to be in this rather cozy study. Maybe it is peculiar to the English, but you know how people in huge houses live in a tiny room with all the dogs and the television? This is sort of the reverse of that.

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I miss Domino.