Wedding Wednesday: How Much?

Earlier this week Yahoo ran a small article about a topic that always makes me nervous: How much should one spend for a gift when attending a wedding? Does it matter if one is in the bridal party? Does that mean the amount should go up (because this indicates a strong connection to the bride and groom) or down (because of the money spent on dresses, showers, etc.)? Some people say that spending $50 per guest (ie, $100 if you are bringing a date) is appropriate. According to one reader on Yahoo, anything less than $250 per guest is considered insulting in New York City. What do you all think? And is it too risque to suggest throwing the rules out the window and just spending according to one's own financial situation? - LG

Just so everyone knows, this will be the last post of the week due to Farrell's wedding! I will be back on Monday (ok, maybe Tuesday) to report on all the pretty details.


Anonymous said...

i have heard that you are supposed to bring a gift that is approx the same cost as the dinner you are being served,but i think that that is silly.
as a bride-to-be i think that we acknowledge that all of our guests have different financial situations.

MC said...

When I give a gift, I take into consideration several things, in this order:
1. My financial situation
2. My relationship with the person
3. How much I have spent on shower gifts, engagement gifts, etc.

teaorwine said...

Consider this: The family will be entertaining you if you are invited to the reception as well... cocktails and hors d'Oeuvres, maybe even a dinner(X2 if you are accompanied). I consider this when purchasing a gift. I certainly would not want to undercut the amount that was spent for this. Most brides include gifts on their registries to accompany all budgets and are happy just to receive a gift from these lists.

A note on tacky weddings...I once received an invitation to the wedding of a co-worker. Included was a list of where the couple was registered. Yikes!

Best wishes to Farrell.


Anonymous said...

This is quite the conundrum for those of us without incomes (i.e. grad students). Presently I have chosen to defray my gift purchases until I can find something unique and from the heart which may or may not be expensive. Or at least until my fall loans come in! Having been in a wedding earlier this summer I have chosen to limit myself to the $50-75 range. I typically spend somewhere in the $40 range for weddings where I am only a guest at showers and the wedding. For being in the bridal party I might go as high as $100 but no further.