Today I checked out our blog related email account for the first time in...quite a while. I made several discoveries:
1. Inside Edition contacted us about a story they were producing about six weeks ago re: bridesmaids. Needless to say, we missed out on that opportunity. Grrr.
2. All Things Kimba sent us a blog invitation, but it has now expired. Will you send another?
3. Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan did not send us an invitation to read. I would like to respectfully request one.
And now for some good news! Williams-Sonoma Home is having a White Sale. I love linens, but what really caught my eye was the pictured preserved lemon wreath. - LG


MMM said...

So sorry! Blogger has been acting up and I know I missed people on accident in the entering process. I just sent you one. Let me know ( if you have any problems!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!!