The Practical Middle Ground

Disclaimer: I grew up with very limited exposure to microwave foods. In fact, I did not eat a microwave meal until after college. However, now that I am living in the city and working in the suburbs with no car (that's right, I take the subway, the commuter rail and the bus to work), my lunch options are somewhat limited. My saving grace has been the various microwaveable options from Amy's Kitchen. Made of all natural and/or organic ingrediants, they make me feel like I am getting some nutritious food for a low price, even if I can't say I made it myself. My favorite dish is the Santa Fe Enchilada Bowl. So next time you need a middle ground between a Big Mac and a leftovers, choose Amy's Kitchen! - LG

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ashley said...

Have you tried the new Lean Cuisine flatbread sandwiches? They are pretty good as far as frozen meals go and make a good lunch with a side salad.