Good Time or Disaster?

Growing up in Richmond, I drove by Sunny's Goodtime Paints on a daily basis. However, I never went in the store and didn't think much about the products until recently when they were mentioned in the Katie Ukrop feature in Domino Magazine. It piqued my interest and I took a close look at the website- wow! I was amazed by some of the products featured. I am, however, skeptical of my ability to pull off even the easiest of the stencil projects. Has anyone tried Sunny's? If so, how did it go?


Thenachoman said...

For Farrell - a good time.

For Lauren - maybe not so least at first! :)

annabelle said...

Maybe not in a rental...but just had to note that before Sunny was kind of a big deal...she painted that faux rug on the floor outside the kitchen in my parents' house in Richmond.