The Plan: Recessionista

When I first heard the term "recessionista" I have to say I was a little bit offended. A lot of people in the United States are legitimately worried about the economy and their own personal financial stability, so it seemed a make up a trendy term about saving money. However, it seems like we are going to be hearing it more and more. In the spirit of journalistic cooperation (okay, maybe I am being a bit grandiose here), Farrell and I are planning a post about ways to save money in the current economy. If you have any ideas for ways to remain fashionable, keep a nice house, and eat fabulously on a tight budget, we'd love to hear them. Anything from where to shop to tips for cutting corners would be appreciated. You can reach us at We'll be publishing reader tips as well as our own next week.

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Anonymous said...

Cocktails at home instead of going out is a no brainer. But I have been having "cocktail hour" on Friday with themed appetizers (Italian, American bar, Spanish) instead of going out.