Dream Door

When I lived in Cincinnati I loved to go to a store called Khakis in Hyde Park Square. Khakis had a wonderful Dutch door and I always thought the owners were lucky to be able to spend their working days in such a pleasant environment. I hadn't thought about that door much until today, when I saw this house tour featuring the picture above. A Dutch door is definitely back on my dream house wish list.


farrell said...

these doors are so charming! we are considering one for our mudroom, actually.


when we lived in NAPERVILLE,IL we had a dutch door from the family room to the deck..we sometimes flew a kite sitting in the family room with the string running out the top half of the door..they are great to have and add charm to the house

Susan 55 said...

I remeber our Dutch door in Naperville. It was pretty neat. Glad to see they are coming back in style. David saw it when he was very young!