The Registry II

Since completing my registries, I've been really interested in looking at other people's registries, both for what they request and what they receive. This was taken to a whole new level today when I discovered that you can view Khloe Kardashian's registry online. If you watched "The Wedding: Keeping Up With the Kardashians" (this is what happens when one is unemployed and it's raining), you already know that her registry is surprisingly traditional (at her mother's insistence), and that Khloe was appropriately shocked by the cost of everything. Despite insisting that her friends could never afford to buy her a $700 silver place setting (I found that really likeable), she did end up receiving this $6,200 10" tiger :
I guess you never know.


Anonymous said...

lg, i think you need to add that cat to your registry, stat.

Nacho's granny said...

*snort* The mental picture of S opening THAT present is a good one! Thanks for my laugh of the day.

Summer is a Verb said...

I would be swaping that thing in for 8.8 sterling place settings! XXOO