Lightened Up Fall Cooking

With cooler temps on the way, comfort food is on my mind.

This recipe for Greek Pasta with Meatballs from this month's Cooking Light did not disappoint. It was a savory, creative take on classic spaghetti and meatballs, and who does not love melted feta cheese (late night College Inn feta breadsticks, all you UVAers??)?

I made a few modifications, like subbing in reduced fat feta, but either way, it is worth a try! If lamb is not your thing, try making the meatballs with ground turkey or lean ground beef. The photos on Cooking Light's website are a little more appetizing than mine, but I promise it tasted, great!
While the meatballs were in the oven last night, I also whipped up a batch of White Bean Soup with Gremolata for lunches this week. It is a great option for a low-cal, low-fat lunch to take to work.


Anonymous said...

Is it hard to find ground lamb?

Samma said...

Yum- I will have to get this month's issue. I love lamb.

Farrell said...

The lamb was actually readily available in our local grocery store - so no need to seek it out in a specialty store (whole foods, etc).

neill said...

i saw this recipe in my cooking light and thought it looked good. now that you've tried it, i will definitely have to make it at home!

Anonymous said...

Definately going to try this recipe!