The Skinny

I have spent the past few years fighting the "skinny jean" trend. When I finally decided to give in this winter, it was with much trepidation, and the move was definitely fueled by a desire to wear my equestrian boots with something other than leggings. At the recommendation of a friend, I was able to track down an extremely reasonably priced pair of skinny jeans that I have grown to love.

Last week, I added a second pair of "skinny" pants to my wardrobe, and I am in love. These AG Stevie cords from Anthropologie are amazing. The wales themselves are super skinny (no pun intended) and the slight stretch from the lycra blend makes them hug in all the right places without being obscenely tight, which is a personal fear.

If you are thinking about adding a little more skinny to your closet, I cannot recommend these enough! They are also on sale right now. Do you really need another reason to pick them up?

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Ashley said...

I own these in brown and they are great. A near-perfect fit.