Eating My Words

Remember this post? Gosh, I was smug. Apparently wedding related tasks explode at, oh, EXACTLY three months out. I am a procrastinator by nature and I really can't imagine doing many of these things six months ago- it just seemed too far away- but I am still flabbergasted by the way it suddenly seems right around the corner. Some fun things I've learned over the last few weeks:

1) Our hotel/reception site allows dogs and people are bringing them! Apparently the hotel requests the dog's name when a guest makes a reservation, which I think is cute.
2) People start buying wedding gifts three months before a wedding? Hmm, I haven't done that before but maybe I should start?
3) It is bad luck for a bride and groom to use their new monogram on stationery prior to the wedding, but fine to use each of their names, ("Sarah and Jim"). Thanks Julie!
4) Do not try on your wedding dress the week between Christmas and New Year's. I think that's self-explanatory : )


Farrell said...

i love that most of these we have already discussed via email! haha

lucy is feeling a bit sad that she will not be making the trip to the jefferson...but will instead be going to the wool farm!

Anonymous said...

WHAT???????!!!!!!!! and I have to go to the Holiday Barn!!!!!!

Susan 55 said...

Lucy can stay at Grammy and Poppa's!