Project: Picture Molding

I recently moved into an apartment with 12 inch thick plaster walls.  You should have seen my face when the cable man suggested drilling a hole through one for the cable cord (we ended up stapling the cord along the bottom of the wall and over a few doors).  I was extremely nervous about hanging pictures (visions of crumbling plaster flashed in my mind) until I saw this article in Southern Living and realized we already have picture molding.  My project for the next few days is to get our "artwork" up, although I have a feeling it will not look like this (but here's to wishful thinking : ):


Lindsey M. Cote said...

i saw this in southern living and thought it was really cool. you'll have to send us pics of the finished product!

Politics to Peaches said...

We had picture molding in our old house. It took me awhile to figure out what it was too! But it's really fun and less scary than hanging pictures. If you don't like how something looks, you can easily move it or switch pictures. Post pics when you're done!