Wedding Wednesday: Flowers

Yesterday we finalized the flower order at Flower Girls.  Because of the crazy weather this year, they may (disappointingly) have to ship in more flowers than originally planned.  However, we're still hoping that the timing will be just right to use plenty of local Virginia flowers.  I like that we are mixing it up a bit and not relying solely on roses and hydrangea, although they will certainly be used a little bit.  Some other items on the list:
White double tulips
Double narcissus


We had beautiful yellow and white tulips at the shower, which really helped jump start my excitement for the wedding flowers.  Thanks to Farrell and the other girls for that thoughtful attention to detail- I love the way the shower colors aligned with the wedding colors!


Anonymous said...

ahhh, spring in virginia

Annabel Manners said...

I'm such a fan of white flowers - so consistently chic! :)