Spring in New York

Prior to dating my husband I had never been to New York unless you count driving through it on the way to Maine.  When people think of New York, they think of the city and for good reason- around eight million of its 20 million residents live in New York City (if Wiki can be trusted).  Close to another million people live directly north of the city in Westchester County.  Although not nearly as "New England-y" as Connecticut, Westchester is in many ways worlds apart from Manhattan.  Last month I shared an experience I had on the western side of the county.  This week I am going to focus a bit on the eastern side, next to the Long Island Sound.

What surprised me most about the village where I live now is that it has the small town feel that I previously associated with the south (unfortunately the rural south seems to be losing the battle with suburban sprawl, another issue altogether).  There are lots of porches.  Fewer than 10,000 people live in the village itself, which is 1.1 square miles.  People can walk everywhere.  Crime is nearly nonexistent.  Residents are working hard to keep small businesses alive.  Of course there are problems too.  The cost of real estate is exorbitant.  Traffic is worse than expected.  There is a 35 minute commute into the city every day for most professional residents.  Many older houses in the greater area are being knocked down to be replaced by BIG houses.

Regardless of the pros and cons, this is a wonderful place to be when flowers start to bloom and the promise of being on the water is right around the corner.  This week I took advantage of the nice weather and photographed some of my favorite houses and sites (click on pictures to enlarge).

A dog waits for its master at the library.

An eccentric planter...

in front of a very large house.

Most houses are Victorian, but I think this may be antebellum.

Big porch!

My husband's favorite dream house.

My favorite dream house.  (Can't you picture a captain's wife looking out over the water?)

The harbor- my husband's grandfather used to ice skate across here to go to church.

Another creative planter (what sailor's do with old boats).

Side porches make me think of Charleston, but there are some up here too.  These are my two favorites.


f said...

love it! you know how i feel about ny/long island villages. there is no place like the town where my grandparents live and where my parents grew up.

Anonymous said...

I really need to get over to Long Island and do a little exploring!- L

crystal said...

yes! long island is wonderful:)

Anonymous said...

This isn't what I expected at all. It's hard to believe you're 20 minutes (?) from the Bronx and off I-95 between NY and Ct. I can't decide if it looks like a small New England town or a small southern town.

The other side of Westchester County (on the Hudson River) is so much more rural and again, only 30 minutes from the city which is also surprising.

It looks like the house with the bathtub planter has double doors on the porch. Could it be a duplex?

Both of your dream homes are great but I'm a little more partial to the first one! Maybe one or the other will come up for sale soon. :)