New Tailgate Apparel

With football season right around the corner, Brooks Brothers is moving into the collegiate clothing arena.  If you're an alum of one of these schools, you're in luck:

Boston College
Notre Dame
The U.S. Naval Academy
University of Virginia (!!)
New York University
Ohio State University
Universities of Alabama
University of Georgia

Keep your eyes peeled to see what BB comes out with....


Anonymous said...

Ivy Leagues, Preppy Southern Schools, and the nuts! One of these things is not like the others.

Farrell said...

I agree -- Ohio State is not worthy

Brooke O'Neill said...

Easy tigers...don't count the Columbus chic out! My blog celebrates style in the capital city and our fashionable fans just might surprise you!

Farrell and Lauren said...

I have to say that my favorite preppy store ever was in Cincinnati- Khaki's. They had a fabulous Dutch door. Brooke, thanks for the comment!- LG

Farrell said...

It's not Ohio I have the issue with -- just the Buckeyes due to my familial allegiance to Michigan. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone at BBrothers is from Ohio? Or...maybe they signed deals with schools they thought would bring in the most money?

I think it sounds a little desperate on BBrothers part.

Anonymous said...

When we were in C'ville today, I noticed a "Jack Wills" store opening up on the Corner. The sign said something about "University Outfitters"? Anybody ever heard of Jack Wills?