Whole Paycheck

On Tuesday, a brand spanking new Whole Foods opened in my town, and a frenzy ensued.  As much as I would love to check it out, I'll wait at least a week to head over there, in the name of self-preservation. 

Admittedly, I've been stalking it on Facebook, and can't wait to check out the new features that our antiquated, 20+ year old Whole Foods just didn't offer:  a "pub" boasting 8 taps, mobile coffee bar, wood burning pizza oven, food trucks, etc.  It is so tempting to do all of our shopping there (and now go for dinner and drinks?), but it just isn't economical. 

Are there any staples that you insist on getting from stores like Whole Foods, Fresh Market, etc vs. the normal market?
the new store has part of the floor from the old UHall

amazing bulk foods area, including oils,spices, etc.


Anonymous said...

I wounder if the bulk foods section with the oils will give Feast and OV a run for their money?

Anonymous said...

i go to whole foods for their bulk foods, cheeses, natural beauty products and produce. other stores in the area have some of these things, but it's just not the same ;-)

Lindsey M. Cote said...

i LOVE the floor....really cool!

Anonymous said...

Our Whole Foods isn't as up to date as yours but I've decided I like the idea of it more than the actual store. The prepared foods and bakery items are very expensive and aren't good enough to justify the expense. Having said that (when in the area) I shop there for the local dairy products and the cheese department is great. The beer and wine selections are extensive and I can find some things at WF - like frozen collards - that no one else seems to carry.

It'll be a great place to shop for football season tailgating!

Farrell and Lauren said...

Remember when I lived in NYC and Whole Foods was my most economical grocery option? Sheesh.

I like the way you can get the exact amount of meat that you need there instead of having to buy, say, over a pound of ground beef when you really only need three quarters.

If I still had one nearby I would buy all of my dairy, meats and produce there.

Anonymous said...

Apparently some Whole Foods carry "Charlie's Soap" (laundry detergent) although ours doesn't. I don't know what's in it (supposedly organic and can be used by people with sensitive skin) but so far, it's done a very good job for us. It comes in a 2-1/2 lb. container and you use just a tablespoon for a load of wash. The clothes seem very clean, smell fresh, (not perfumey) and I haven't had to use any fabric softener.

Before using Charlie's, you have to throw a couple of rags in the machine and wash all the residue out of it. So it probably wouldn't work if you don't have your own washing machine (LGO!), but it's nice not lugging around hugh boxes and bottles of detergent.

***nacho's granny***

Crystal, Jamie & Bandit said...

Jamie and I have visited the one in Tampa a few times but like you said it's not economical for us to do our weekly shopping there. However, I really like there fresh seafood soups! Since Jamie can't eat seafood I don't cook it very often and I've found that our local butcher only sells their seafood soups in large containers that I could not finish, so Whole Foods has been great for my seafood soup cravings. They usually have about 4 different options and offer 3 different size containers!