Christmas Dinner Traditions

In my family, the holidays are all about food and drink, family, and fun (with emphasis on the food and drink). As is tradition, we are gearing up to head to Long Island to celebrate with my extended family for a few days. The highlight of the trip is always our annual Christmas Eve party, complete with copious amounts of my grandmother’s famous fruited champagne punch.

There was much debate this year over what to serve our party of 16 for Christmas Day Dinner. We don’t have a “traditional” Christmas meal – we switch it up every year. We have had everything from a pork crown roast (gorgeous presentation), filet mignon, standing rib roast, leg of lamb, etc. This year we settled on an Italian theme – anitpasta, Caprese salad, vegetarian lasagna, chicken parm, etc. The Italian stores on Long Island cannot be beat – nothing is better than their fresh pastas and cheeses. The husband and I are looking forward to a change from the usual hunk of meat – which is huge for someone like me who is usually a stickler for tradition.

What is your family’s traditional Christmas meal? Do you stick with one thing from year to year, or go with what strikes you?


Sarah said...

We always do beef fodnue, with the hot oil, for Christmas day, but Italian sounds great.

neillaphi said...

We always do thanksgiving style food (i.e. turkey, stuffing, etc.), but I really don't like those types of foods. I would definitely prefer non-traditional fare during the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Champagne punch sounds wonderful! I think the Italian theme for Christmas Day is a good change. I also agree that New York has the best delis, bagels and pizza.

Sarah M said...

We always do filet on Christmas with mashed potatoes and green beans w/ almonds. It is my favorite meal of the year.

On Christmas eve we do a ham and salads so people can pick at all night.

Anonymous said...

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