Disco Holiday

This weekend I went to a holiday party and a somewhat conservative club. There were cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, with an option to go on to a sit down dinner before dancing. I remarked to the manager that I liked the centerpieces. He said he thought they may have been a little bit too "out there" for many of the members. I thought they were an interesting departure from typical holiday decorations. A room shot would have given a better idea of the overall look, but I only took pictures of the centerpieces. What does everyone think? Are the disco balls a bit much? - LG


Anonymous said...

Oh, aren't those great? Really a little different and striking too. You could use something similar for New Year's too.

MC said...

I love them. They are very similar to the centerpieces I saw being set up recently for a wedding at our club, minus the mirrored balls.