What to do when it is sleeting? Eat, of course.

Sunday was a yucky day in New York. There was a lot of sleet the night before, and by Sunday it was sort of a mushy mess. In anticipation of this, I prepared for lazy Sunday by making the least healthy combination of food ever:

Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon, Banana Bread
Afternoon Snack: Feta Pesto Spread (Farrell wasn't kidding- this stuff is amazing!)
Dinner: Macaroni and Cheese, Broccoli

The mac and cheese recipe (basically from The Fannie Farmer Cookbook) is my favorite. It takes a little bit of time, but with the right cheese, it blows other recipes out of the water. The base is a white sauce, which is somewhat hard to master, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't work the first time!

1/2 lb Pasta (although somewhat untraditional, I like rotini b/c it really "holds" the sauce)
4 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons flour
2 1/2 cups milk, heated
2 cups grated sharp cheddar
Dijon Mustard
Cayenne Pepper

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Mix in the flour. Whisk the paste for a few minutes until it bubbles but before it browns. Slowly start adding the hot milk (I keep this heated on a burner on the stove.) The idea is to add a little bit at a time whenever the mixture starts to thicken. Stir constantly or the sauce will separate! Once all the milk is added, continue to stir until the sauce is thick and bubbly. Add one cup of cheese. Continue to stir until cheese is incorporated. Mix cheese sauce, pasta, and remaining cup of cheese in baking dish (a loaf pan usually works well). Add extra cheese, mustard, and cayenne pepper to taste. I find that the recipe can be a bit bland without these additions, so experiment with different cheeses and see what suits you the best!
- LG


Nacho said...

So did you bake the macaroni and cheese and if so, does the oven work now? :) I wish I was going to have this at the Holiday Barn. I like cheese....

Anonymous said...

That mac n cheese sounds amazing!

Farrell & Lauren said...

That's right- I forgot to add that you then bake the mac and cheese until...it is really hot : )