The Cutting Edge

I will say, nothing enhances a cooking experience like a quality set of knives. Sure, I made it through many years with sub-par knives and did just fine, but a set of the “real” things doesn’t even compare. Although, when making the switch, you should proceed with caution, as many people I know have had some unpleasant experiences with them (similar to one I had today) resulting in the need for Band-Aids and Neosporin.

That said, keeping your nice knives sharp is important. This maintenance needs to be done annually. National retail chains like Sur La Table offer in-store knife sharpening, charging appx $3 per inch of each knife and running specials every few months. Locally, you may be able to find a better deal – in the Washington, DC area many of our local hardware stores and meat markets will sharpen them for you for a lower price.

You don’t need an uber-expensive set of knives – unless you are preparing for next season’s Top Chef (and if you are, let me know ASAP) – a basic, moderately priced collection from Wusthoff, Henckels, etc is a great starter, and department stores are often running great sales on them!

Happy chopping!


Meg said...

As someone who is a frequent user of the Neosporin and bandaids, I will say that it's much less painful to mangle yourself with a sharp higher-quality knife than with a Dollar Tree special. You know, if people are looking for another good reason to trade up.

Anonymous said...

If you curl your fingers under and hold food (like vegetables) in your "claw", you will cut down (no pun intended) on the number of band-aids needed.

Anonymous said...

It's so much easier to use a good knife than dragging out the cuisinart for small amounts of food.

Anonymous said...

I hate cheese graters.