So, I am currently in California, a stop on my recent Tour of the US (seriously, just this month, I have been to: 4 cities in VA, DC 5 times, San Francisco, Philly, New York, and now California again. Let's not count out a trip to the Midwest next weekend).

There has been lots of talk about hitting up the local In n Out Burger today. I have to say, I am excited!

Does anyone know if the burgers are as tasty as everyone says they are?


suburban prep said...

I sent an e hope you received.
Enjoy your time in California.

Lindsey said...

i have had them. they are good. better than fast food. but similar to five guys (which i love.) let me know what you think!

farrell said...

ok so the burger was delish. add onions, no tomatoes. but the fries were not my fav.