RIP 2009

We are sad to announce the recent closing of two of our favorite companies: Promise DC and Hollywould.

As many of our long time readers may remember, Promise is where Farrell bought her lovely wedding dress. Farrell prepared the following statement regarding the store:
I love Promise- the parking, the customer service, the funny owner Jessica, the purple walls, everything...

Lauren discovered that Hollywould is "on vacation" when searching for wedding shoes. She prepared the following statement regarding her beloved Hollywould flats:
Hollywould made the best quality flats I ever bought. They are as sturdy as a well made man's shoe, yet delicate enough to wear with dresses (and their heels weren't bad either).

May these two favorites of the well dressed woman rest in peace.

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Jessica said...

Thanks for the kind send off you guys! It was wonderful being a part of Farrell's wedding day. I am sorry the economy munched Promise too. Hope you are doing well!