In these last few weeks of summer, we have been trying to make it a priority to get to our local weekly Farmer's Market. After picking up some lovely figs on Saturday, we decided to try Cooking Light's Ginger-Garlic Chicken with Fresh Fig Pan Sauce (for some reason, CL doesn't list the recipe on their site, but it is on page 141 of the July issue, as well as on this external link). It was SUCH an easy recipe and so delicious. We served it as recommended - accompanied with grilled carrots and bok choy.

And speaking of Cooking Light, who doesn't LOVE their new reader-friendly format that debuted this month?!


Anonymous said...

Love the new Cooking Light! So much more modern

Dawny52 said...

The recipe sounds yummy! What a nice presentation. Wish I knew about this recipe years ago when a neighbor had a neverending supply of figs!

Susan 55 said...

It looks so good!! I'm going to try the recipe as soon as I can find some fresh figs. I wish I could go to the Charlottesville Farmers Market again!