Take Them a Meal!

With so many of our friends having babies lately, we have been doing a lot of dinner-bringing to new parents. Take Them a Meal! is a fabulous website we recently discovered that simplifies meal coordination. Whether you are organizing for new parents, someone who is ill, or a grieving family, it handles the scheduling of meal preparation and delivery. The coordinator simply enters in an easy password and selects the days the recipients could use meals. Then, they can email out a link to everyone participating and individuals can sign up for dates, list what they are going to bring (great for avoiding 5 lasagnas in a row), and reference details like preferred delivery times and allergies/food preferences. The day before your assigned evening, you'll get a reminder email recapping all of the details for you.
Why didn't I think of this?


Anonymous said...

I just organized meals for a set of new parents from my church and this site would have been a lot easier than my excel spreadsheet.
Thanks for sharing.

annabelle said...

What a great idea!! Will share with my expectant friends.