Cville City Market

I've posted about our local farmer's market before, but finally remembered to take some (phone-quality) photos this past weekend. 

Going to the market is one of our favorite summer Saturday morning pastimes when we are in town-- usually motivated by the want for something delicious for breakfast  (Mexican food at 8am, anyone?  Don't mind if I do!).  We like to head over there early - sans shower - before it gets too hot and too crowded.  I enjoy buying local produce when I can, although I am not fanatical about it (I won't lie and tell you I don't go to Sam's club for bulk TP or buy milk at my local grocery store), and the market makes that easy.

Enjoy some shots from around the market!
$10 for this large Mason jar of purple and blue hydrangeas.  6 days later, they still look great on my mantle!

Tequila peppers and Blanco peppers (google them).  We grilled up some Tequila peppers and put them on a grilled pizza Saturday night.  Delish!

Japanese eggplant
Jalapenos and tomatillos.  Jalapenos were transformed into grilled stuffed jalapenos for Sunday Porch Drinks.
Local peaches -- used in salads earlier this week.
The famous "Mexican Tacos" (insert inside joke).  Chicken quesadilla and chicken tamale featured here.
Pitty Pan Squash.  SO good on the grill.
Casual yoga in the middle of the market.  NBD.
Wildflowers, $6 a bunch.


Anonymous said...

I can't decide which I like best: the mexican food, stocking up on fruit for the week, or trying new vegetables (e.g. Kohlrabi).

Dawn said...

I love the Charlottesville City Market. It is even fun in the rain!!