Her Royal.....Hosiery?

As a rule, I don't do nude hosiery.  Honestly, it just doesn't seem to come in a shade that works for people of my color (read:  very, very fair), and I am not a fan of orange gams on a fair person.  This phobia may all stem back to the fact that the tights required for my high school dance team ensembles were "one color fits all" -- and that color was not for moi.  Although I am NO fashion expert, I've also cringed many times over the years when I spot any type of hose worn with open toed shoes (bonus points if they are reinforced toe!).

Enter my trepidation when I read this article yesterday about Princess Kate rocking sheer hose out and about.  Admittedly, the hosiery Kate is wearing is a far cry from those dance team tights circa 1997, and her legs look great, but....I don't know if I am sold on this trend for the general population.

What's next?  A comeback of slips (which Lauren and I both agree are way under-utilized)?
Thoughts from the crowd?


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kate, I don't know how I feel about this.

neillaphi said...

i don't think i can ever get on board with nude hosiery

Farrell and Lauren said...

They have to be perfectly executed. PERFECTLY. And I don't think it hurts in the fight against looking matronly in them if you weigh 115.- Lauren