I was alerted this morning by Page Six that Martha Stewart is about to turn 70.  How is that possible?  She looks great.  Also, I thought only younger people could make you feel old.  Incidentally, she has the same birthday as both of our husbands.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem possible.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised she is a Leo?

Women who don't sit out in the sun (or tanning beds) age much better.

If she's had any work done, it was very good.

Farrell said...

Ha, that last comment gives me hope for my skin, at least!

Anyway, I guess it's a "Good Thing" for Martha that she is aging so gracefully.

I agree, though, it makes me feel old.

Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart has always looked young though. If you've seen her picture on the cover of her first book, she looks about 30 - and she was actually 41/42.